is a holistic fertility practice located in Bornem.

You can contact us for advice, guidance and group exercises linked to impaired fertility, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome and other conditions. We combine different natural treatments for women and men to increase the pregnancy success rate as much as possible.

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Unable to get pregnant?

.. and looking for an alternative to IVF?     

Yes, it does exist!

Do you want to increase your chances of becoming naturally pregnant?

Even up to 83%?

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Do you have a sedentary job?


Then the waiting for a stork might become much longer...

One of the causes of subfertility is a restriction in pelvic muscles function.

There can be several reasons for that.  It seems that the most important reason is a sedentary job or too little exercise.

The pelvic floor muscles support the abdominal organs in the pelvis. Sitting for a long time gives too little stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles. As a result they weaken and other muscle groups are overloaded.

The body/muscles then react with other, often not physiological movements/patterns.

This leads to tension and reduced mobility of the abdominal organs and can also lead to constriction and blockage of the fallopian tubes.